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Step 2. The application review

Before registering your store on Ubimarket, the quality control team checks to see if the store meets all the requirements and can be submitted to Ubimarket.


The approval process

Compliance check

The quality review team checks if the store meets the requirements

  • The store's website is accessible and runs smoothly
  • The store's website indicates exact prices and shipping and payment terms
  • Shopping is available on the store's website
  • The store does not duplicate another store on Ubimarket
  • The store does not sell banned goods


How to know the answer to the request?

You will receive an email to your e-mail address within 72 hours of your submission. which will include

  • The results of the review
  • A list of errors  and instructions on how to fix the errors


How to re-submit an application?

If there are any errors

After the errors are corrected, you can resubmit the Seller's request.

You have three attempts to submit a Seller bid. Bids sent are counted at the time of sending each bid.

If you don’t agree with the reasons for rejection, you can contact the Service Center.