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Before registering

Check your website and make sure that:

  • The website is accessible and works without viruses
  • Customers can place an order
  • The website lists payment methods, terms of the delivery and all the countries you currently ship to
  • Each of the featured products is featured on a single page of your store's website
  • Current prices are indicated and purchase terms will not change while processing a new order
  • The legal information about your business is published on the web (Legal name, Legal address, AVC). We recommend you to post this information on the "About Us" or "Contact Us" page
  • The phone numbers listed on the store's website work and can receive calls
  • The utm_source=ubimarket note is compatible with your website software, and if there is a note, the pages on the site are displayed correctly

The utm_source=ubimarket note  is your transition note from Ubimarket.

When the customer visites your website , the app automatically adds to the web address of your website the note utm_source=ubimarket  . The note helps you to track traffic coming from Ubimarket through Google analytics or other systems.


Example of a link containing a note:


To check site performance add utm_source=ubimarket  at the end of the link for any of the products on the site and make shore that page is opening correctly.

If the page does not open or shows a software error then ask your website developer to configure the use of optional web site link settings.

If you are unable to configure the use of optional web site link settings, please contact our Customer Care Center.